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been available at such an incredible price.  All voice lessons are up to 55% off!  Our full package of voice lessons is now on sale for $49.97 for the hard copies and just $35.97 for the complete download. The full package includes all 4 CD's AND the DVD!  Individual singing lessons start at just $9.93 for instant downloads. These fantastic voice training CD's and DVD give you everything you need to learn to sing and achieve top vocal success.  Voice Coach Shelley Kristen's singing instruction is entertaining, practical, easy to understand and most importantly produces amazing results... quickly.  

Dear Shelley,  

Thank you for sharing your beautiful teaching style, your effective methods and techniques, and your beautiful voice! Your genuine care, encouragement, positive attitude and expertise are exuded in each and every message throughout your learn to sing CD's. Your concise, easy-to-follow directions and examples are motivating me to practice and to keep my voice in its best condition for both singing and speaking alike. I have already noticed marked improvement on just the second day -- just as you promised! What a confidence booster! (And an ingenious way of sharing your gifts! Priceless!)  

Gratefully, Bobby C., Speech Pathologist  (to see student video testimonials & read more comments, visit our reviews page)

If you were to take private singing lessons of this caliber, it would cost you well over a thousand dollars.  Now, you can learn to sing at an extremely affordable price.  We believe this to be the best singing program available at this price point, period...and one of the best voice lesson programs available at any cost.  

Their really is no risk involved as all of our voice lessons come with our 100% money back 45 day guarantee, one of the best in the industry.  You can view and listen to free singing lesson samples from the voice training CD's & DVD on the voice lesson samples page. 

No matter what your age, level of ability, vocal style, male or female...Your dream as a singer can now be fulfilled with these powerful and affordable voice lessons, right in the privacy of your own home.  

Learn to sing with Singing Voice Lessons Voice Lessons on CD/DVD & Instant Downloads, Singing Voice Lessons private and skype singing lessons also available with popular voice coach Shelley Kristen 

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